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Organic Supplements for Energy and Focus

ATP Focus Wellness Origin

Morning routines are essential. Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day.  Many times, our mornings are rushed and hectic, leaving us feeling rushed, unfocused, and drained. To keep energy levels high and keep our minds focused and calm, we need to find a morning routine catered to increasing our energy levels, focus, and productivity specific to us.

Making the bed can help set the tone for your day by giving you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. We start and end our days in bed so when it is clean and tidy; it helps us get through the day. Making the bed encourages general tidiness around the house, leads to better productivity by creating a “keystone habit,” which creates a chain of more good decisions throughout the day, and lowers stress and anxiety.

Start your day the best way.

Taking organic supplements for energy and focus in the morning helps our bodies to work efficiently, encourages better organ functioning, and overall well being throughout the day. Natural supplements give our bodies the help they need. Whether we need better concentration, help to digest food, or help with our skin care, there is a supplement to assist our bodies with specific functions better. We start off our day with some of these four essential organic supplements:

ATP Focus increases and maintains energy levels throughout the day. The ATP combined with Fulvic Acid in this formula provides direct energy to the body by increasing cellular energy production, making it one of the best organic supplements for energy. Fulvic Acid alone is an organic electrolyte, providing full spectrum minerals to the body, maintaining homeostasis in the body, and maximizing nutrition and energy potential throughout the day.

Cellular Energy Focus dissolves entirely into your water. Starting your day with Cellular Energy Focus increases your energy, performance, mood, concentration, endurance, and overall well being. This product has a 100% absorption rate in the walls of the intestinal tract. If your body can not absorb the nutrients you are feeding it; they can not support your body. This supplement helps you add full spectrum minerals back into your body, which our modern diets are often lacking, as they are many times not found in the soil where our food is grown.

Rejuvenating Royal Tea is another one of our favorite organic supplements for energy. It is a blend of fruits, plants, and minerals. Often we replace our cup of coffee in the morning with this energizing tea. One glass of this tea encourages mental clarity, energy, focus, and mood. It is also a great replacement for a cup of coffee!

Rejuvenating Royal Tea

Wild Superfood Complete Is Wellness Origin’s best-selling vitamin powder. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, so your body is filled with full spectrum nutrition. This product has a wide range of benefits. Some of our favorite benefits include increased energy, concentration, focus, and mental stamina. This product contains over 70 ingredients to get a variety of vitamins and nutrients in the body, making it one of the essential organic supplements for energy and focus, and more.

Other Ideas to Start the Day.

Starting your morning with a meditation session can positively affect the rest of your day. It wakes up your nervous system, encourages you to be more mindful, sets a positive emotion to the day, and helps your mind to better focus throughout the day. There are many apps for phones designed to help you get the most out of your meditation sessions. Alternatively, meditating on your own can be just as relaxing and rejuvenating.

Focusing and catering your morning routine to be specific to your needs can make a difference in how you function throughout the day. When we have more energy and focus through using natural supplements, we can be more productive in our daily work and lives. We encourage you to try some of these tips and supplements to find the right balance for you.

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Supplement Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Organic store Wellness Origin

At Wellness Origin, we are all about becoming your Best Self, eating organically, and supplements. Almost all of our products are some form of a dietary supplement and come in a lot of different forms. Some supplements are liquid and mix with water, some are capsules, and some are powder and mix with food or drink. But, what exactly is a supplement? Why do we need supplements if we eat raw and organic food?

Why do we Need Supplements?

Wellness Origin’s supplements are made with high-quality ingredients by combining nature’s most nutritious herbs and plants into our products. Our supplements are packed with essential nutrients to help your body reach new levels of health and beauty. Even when we eat raw and organic food, our bodies are still lacking some of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need because the soil in which our food grows does not have the amount of nutrients our bodies need, so we need an outside source.

What is in a Supplement?

Imagine a plate full of leafy green vegetables and bright fruits, and squeeze that into a capsule. That is what is inside our supplement capsules. Our supplements are made of foods you could eat in a salad, but in a concentrated form so you get those essential nutrients and vitamins. Our supplements are always, always, always made without any kind of filler or chemical because we want you to reach your full health potential.

Here are some examples of whole foods in our products: Our Vitamin C Focus has hawthorn berry, rose hips, parsley root, and orange peel. Listed ingredients in our Digestive Bitters Focus are aloe vera, cumin, and dandelion root. All of these ingredients can be found in nature and eaten in a salad. As a resource for whole food and superfood supplementation, Wellness Origin strives to offer products that are completely natural and good for you.

Want to learn more about our products? Check out why 2018 is the year for collagen or 8 secrets to eating healthy with a busy schedule.

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Say Goodbye to Brain Fog

Organic superfood supplement

Sometimes even with the proper amount of nutrition in our diet, we still get brain fog. With our busy lives, we don’t have time to think about where we left the keys or struggle to stay focused on a simple task. Here are some of our tips for kicking brain fog to the curb.

What is brain fog?

Brain Fog is defined by WebMD as “a term used for certain symptoms that affect your ability to think. You may feel confused or disorganized or find it hard to focus and put your thoughts into words.”

What is the culprit?

Food additives such as artificial sweeteners, foods that contain MSGs, and processed foods can be to blame. Lifestyle factors such as not getting enough sleep, not getting good quality sleep, stress, anxiety, and not getting enough nutrients can also come into play.

People who have some short-term memory loss such as not being able to find the right word when describing something, having trouble finding your wallet, or having a hard time concentrating could all benefit from a few lifestyle changes to eliminate brain fog. When your mind is clear and alert, it will be so much easier to remember things and stay productive.

How to say goodbye to brain fog.

If you are a productive and mentally clear person who is just experiencing an off-day or a person who frequently finds themselves in a daze, there are several things you can do for relief.

Diffuse essential oils. We love diffusing peppermint or grapefruit essential oils. Breathing in the aroma of these essential oils will stimulate and energize the brain, helping you to stay productive. Breathe deeply for best results.

Get some extra sleep. Hitting the hay early or even treating yourself to sleeping in can be really effective for improving your mental clarity. Though sometimes, we still wake up tired and groggy after getting some extra sleep. This could be from low quality sleep. Whether it’s waking up a lot during the night or staying in a light sleep all night, quality of sleep can be improved with diffusing lavender essential oil while you’re lying in bed and keeping a strict sleep schedule. Try to not eat a heavy meal too close to bedtime and avoid caffeine later in the afternoon.

Supply your body with the proper amount of nutrients. Foods that are high in antioxidants like blueberries and raw cacao can really improve mental clarity. A lot of the time, we don’t get enough nutrients from the food we eat, so all organic, plant-based supplements are the way to go. Wellness Origin’s Black Walnut Extract and Digestive Cleansing Clay help to detox and nourish the body. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin E such as avocados are also effective for keeping the brain healthy and alert.

With these tips, you’ll be back to your fully-productive self again soon!

Find out why 2018 is all about collagen and how you can gain the many benefits of this amazing protein with our blog post.

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2018 is the Year for Collagen

Organic health products wellness origin

2018 is all about collagen.

This protein is the foundation of our hair, skin, and nails. It is the connective tissue for almost all of our structures and it is the most abundant protein in the body. We would recommend it to pretty much anyone who is looking to maximize their beauty and overall wellbeing. As more and more people are turning to healthier lifestyles, collagen is starting to get people’s attention in 2018.


First, let’s get into some of the benefits. Here’s why you should be taking collagen everyday:

Strengthens, thickens, and improves the quality of your hair, skin, and nails – even more efficiently than biotin can!

Increases your energy levels and keeps them up throughout the day. You’ll be less likely to feel sluggish and tired at 3pm.

Increases the moisture levels in the skin. You’ll notice the diminishing of wrinkles, smoother skin, and a glowing complexion.

Aids in weight loss. Regular consumption suppresses your appetite, which means less eating when you’re bored.

There are so many brands to choose from. The negative side of this is most of these brands have a lot of fillers in their products. Wellness Origin’s collagen is sourced from Argentinian and Brazilian beef, which is the number one beef in the world! This beef is pasture raised and is injection and grain-free. So, no fillers and only the highest quality ingredients make it into our supplements (yes, all of our supplements!)

Incorporate Collagen into Your Daily Routine

There are so many different ways to consume collagen. Here are a few of our favorites:

In your morning coffee. When mixed with coffee, collagen is pretty much tasteless. Easy to drink and doesn’t mess with your morning routine!

Mixed into a smoothie. Add in some protein, fruit, greens, whatever you like. Mixing collagen into your regular smoothie won’t mess with the texture or taste. Just add it in with your other supplements.

Dissolved into hot or warm water. This is a great way to just drink it and be done when you have a busy day. We like to add it in with our tea or warm lemon water for some taste.

Adding collagen to your daily routine could be the best thing for your wellbeing in 2018. You can buy our All Organic Collagen on our online health food store (we ship anywhere in the US), or by visiting us in Carmel, Indiana.

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8 Secrets to Eating Healthy with a Busy Schedule

Plant based foods Wellness Origin

If you’re anything like me, the most challenging part of eating healthy is making it happen between your day to day activities.

I’ve spent a lot of time practicing different healthy eating techniques over the past decade, and here are the best recommendations I’ve come up with (and use every day!)

1. Having Your Why: If you wish to stay healthy in the long run, knowing your purpose with eating healthy is very important – this will help you stay persistent. For me, I love to keep high energy, mental clarity and a happy mood. Whatever the reason may be for you – make sure you know your Why, so you can rock and roll with your meals every single day!

2. Grocery Store Routine: Adding going to the grocery store to your regular self-care routine is a very simple yet effective way to eat healthy. This allows you to have your home stocked with healthy foods. Of course, you must buy the right foods when you are at the store, too – so choose Whole Foods, Earth Fare, or related healthier places to go!

3. The Simple Salad: Keeping the resources at home to make a simple salad! This is incredibly helpful for eating healthy made simple and easy. You can simply mix fruits and veggies together in 2 to 3 minutes and have a snack ready and available for yourself.

4. Wild Superfood Complete: Our vitamin powder is packed with essential, full spectrum nutrition which provides benefits including increasing energy, mental clarity, reducing stress, and increasing endurance. Adding this food to your daily food regime can greatly help with eating healthy, by providing your body with the nutrition it needs for optimal wellness. I personally drink Wild Superfood Complete in the morning or afternoon for energizing.

5. Be Patient with Yourself: Rather than being upset if you are not perfect to start, set goals and ramp it up for yourself! When I was growing up, I never missed a whole day without a meal of pasta and cheese. I haven’t touched pasta in 10 years now – giving up foods that were not working for me was so essential that I continued to get better with time – to the point where I am not interested in these foods at all! Understand it takes time, add the fun into the process, and you can make lifelong shifts for your own betterment!

6. Proper Food Choices and Combining: Even when you are on the go, you can improve your nutrition intake and digestion with proper food combinations. They are SO essential – yet it takes knowledge and time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Yuriel Kaim teaches basic food combining principles you can reference to start, however do continue to research and take time to learn the various techniques.

7. Healthy Snacks: Keep Healthy Snacks with you during the day so if you need a bite, you can reach for a treat giving you nutrition, energy, and satisfaction in your choices. Wellness Origin recommended snacks include: a gourmet raw chocolate bar from Raw Chocolate Love, raw chocolate truffles from GOOD BITES (both sold in store at Wellness Origin), mulberries with raw nuts, or carrots and celery with raw sprouted nut butter.

8. Fulvic Acid: This supplement is another amazing way to add nutrition into your lifestyle. Benefits of Fulvic Acid as given on our Website include: “Fulvic acids support the vitality of the entire body, including all organ systems, muscles, tissues and bones. The formula is extremely high in nutritional content, providing our bodies with the minerals absent in the soils where a majority of modern food is cultivated. Fulvic Acid Focus is rich in free radicals which reduce the toxic load in the body.” I love to add Fulvic Acid into my water when I am hydrating.

I wish you success and enjoyment on your Wellness journey! Stay passionate and have fun – Wellness Origin is here as your resource to help you! Further your Wellness and Beauty care by learning about the amazing, luxurious benefits of Essential Oils!

About the Author: Claudia Varga is the Marketing Director at Wellness Origin and a Singer. Since receiving her BSB in Marketing and International Business from the Kelley School of Business in 2015, she has been combining her passion for wellness and beauty care as well as helping others with her love of creating enriching marketing content. She uses her wellness techniques for high performance both in the office and on stage.

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