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About Wellness Origin: We Provide Truly Whole Supplementation: Superfoods, Herbs, Detox Clays, Unrefined Salts, Healthy Lifestyle tools, Wellness Resources, and More.


As Wellness Consultants, we believe that by providing the proper nourishment and supporting the body’s natural effort to eliminate toxic waste products, the body can self-correct and re-establish/maintain youthful vitality and appearance. This combination can pave the path to amazing Wellbeing for years to come.

Combining the world’s most nutritious plants and herbs in our formulas, we provide to you a product line that not only helps you advance the look of your physique, but also provides amazing benefits to your energy levels, mood, mental clarity, endurance, oxygen capacity, relaxation and more.

In our nutritional approach, we apply time tested principals with modern science. In our unique combination, we also utilize state of the art technology to support the body’s natural detox mechanisms. The overall effort speeds up the rejuvenation process and the time needed to achieve desired wellness and aesthetic goals.

Our company and product line is brought to you by Wellness Consultants, Dr. Eva Vig Varga and Eric Hall.


The most powerful diet is one that provides maximum nourishment and minimum toxicity for the body. Ideally, the foods and drinks we consume should be in their original constitution and not altered by heat and other type of invasive processing.

These nutrients are usually best found in organically or bio-dynamically grown or wild crafted/harvested produce. Unaltered vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, herbs and water all contain the necessary biochemicals that the body needs for optimal functioning. They are rich in minerals, enzymes, un-denatured proteins and un-oxidized fats/oils. Foods that are cooked and de-natured by high heat and processing are missing life energy and are depleted in enzymes, have poor quality building materials and poor cellular repair abilities due to the loss of natural bioactivity.


Our company embraces wellness by providing a total transformational experience –
we integrate timeless health principles with modern science in order to bring your Health and Beauty to the next level.

We wish to help you reach your ultimate human potential – for elevating your career, family life, personal wellbeing and whatever may be important for your daily performance.

We believe that our bodies can achieve amazing physical energy, flexibility, mental stamina and overall well being when the proper nourishment is given to fully support every aspect of the human physiology, including proper detoxification.

Applying this philosophy, we can maintain or restore our full biological potential at any given age or health level.


Dr. Eva Vig-Varga, PhD CNC holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology.  She is also a Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant.  During her 10+ years in Academic Research she published over 20 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles in areas of Cellular Immunology, Endocrinology, Cancer Biology, and Nutrition. She has been practicing Clinical Nutrition and offering individual wellness consulting in the area of Functional Medicine clinical practices since 2004.

Eric Hall, CNC has been a Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant since 2004.  He is dedicated to the pursuit, application, and research of health wellness protocols.   He designs customized programs to address each person’s unique nutritional needs, based on individual biochemistry, lifestyle, and health goals. As a Wellness Consultant, Eric draws upon his knowledge of the latest research and innovations in clinical nutrition, combined with herbal and complementary therapies, to offer a powerful and effective approach to preventive health, healing, immune support, detoxification, and weight management.

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