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 Organic Superfood and Whole Food Store

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We are an Organic Superfood
and Whole Food Store bringing a total
transformational experience to you.

Our products integrate timeless health
principles with modern science to
Bring Your Health & Beauty to the Next Level.





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Truly Whole Food Supplementation (No Toxic Tagalogs), Organic Superfood, Herbs, Detox Clays, Unrefined Salts, Healthy Lifestyle tools, Wellness Counseling, Organic Herbs and Spices and More.

How Can Wellness Origin Redefine Wellness for You?

Wellness Origin is dedicated to providing a one stop resource for
the best of the best within the Wellness industry.

We endorse the use of the highest quality, organic superfoods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and whole supplements with the true power of nature still intact.

Our approach has the extraordinary capacity to dramatically increase energy, mental clarity, improve mood and general well being. Our brick and mortar store sells all of the Wellness Origin
line of supplements plus more! Stop by and visit if you’re in the Carmel, IN area.


What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

One of our favorite treatments at Wellness Origin is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. Wellness Origin has the only free-standing chamber in central Indiana, making our Day Spa and Wellness Center unique to the area. How Does the Chamber Work? Without a doubt, oxygen is a critical element for our existence. It is the element that sustains us. It is what we need for all biological function in our bodies, from [...]

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