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Organic Superfood Powder Ingredients

Wild Superfood Complete is one of our foundational products in our online organic food store, featuring over 70 plants, herbs, and fruits. The ingredients in this organic superfood powder are wildcrafted, meaning they are of the highest quality, so your body is getting the full spectrum nutrition it needs to thrive and stay healthy. We broke down Wild Superfood Complete’s top ingredients so you can better understand what this organic superfood powder is made of and how each element contributes to your overall health. Wellness Origin compiled a list of the top organic supplement ingredients in this formula.

Learn about the ingredients in our Organic Superfood Powder

The first Ingredient listed in Wild Superfood Complete is Moringa Oleifera. Moringa Oleifera comes from a tree that is primarily grown in India. The entire tree is used for herbal medicines and treatments that stem back hundreds of years. The Moringa Oleifera used in Wild Superfood Complete comes from the leaves of the tree. The leaves contain the highest content of vitamins and minerals. The leaves are often used in nutrition programs around the world. Moringa Oleifera also works as an antioxidant, primarily protecting the cells from damage.

Nette Leaf is the second ingredient listed in Wild Superfood Complete. Nettle Leaf has been used for centuries in many different countries. It is used for food and often drank in herbal teas. Nettle Leaf is mostly used for joint pain, antioxidant properties to remove free radicals from the body, and promotes heart health.

The third ingredient in Wild Superfood Complete is Yacon. Yacon is a plant grown in South America. It is mostly grown for its roots and had been eaten as a vegetable for centuries. Benefits of Yacon include blood sugar support, weight management, blood pressure support, liver health, digestive health, and immune health.

Borage Leaf is mostly grown in the Mediterranean area but has spread to North America and Europe. This herb has been used for centuries for its healing and medicinal benefits. Some benefits of this herbal leaf include blood pressure support, cholesterol support, support for the immune system, aids the body in allergy relief, and much more. Borage contains the highest known plant source of Omega-6 Fatty Acid. It is also a source of trace minerals and B-Vitamins.

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used for healing for over two thousand years. It is primarily used for thyroid health, immune system health, anxiety and stress relief, and helps the body maintain homeostasis.  Ashwagandha is commonly called winter cherry and is grown for its roots and leaves, which hold much of the nutritional value of the herb.

This ingredient is also beneficial to many of the systems of the body including the reproductive, neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. Ashwagandha has been used for around five thousand years to help keep the body in balance. We love that this is one of the more powerful ingredients in this organic superfood powder formula.

Codonopsis is an herb grown for its roots. The root of Codonopsis is known to stimulate the nervous system, providing the body with many health benefits. This herb helps the body provide immune health, treat loss of appetite and weakness, supports heart health, lung health, and blood health.

Drink Wild Superfood Complete for Your Health and Beauty

There are so many more beneficial organic supplement ingredients in this organic superfood blend with fantastic benefits. This superfood powder also includes the ingredients hyssop, parsley root, alfalfa, white oak bark, and a seven mushroom blend. We encourage you to try out this amazing vitamin powder to find out what benefits it can provide for you.

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