Organic Superfood Blend Wellness Origin

The Story Behind the Best Organic Superfood Powder

It would be a great story to tell that Wellness Origin Wild Superfood Complete was introduced as the result of marketing and determining what the public wanted in a superfood with the intent on packaging and selling it to the public. But that is not how it came to be.  The truth is the professional staff at Wellness Origin researched for an organic superfood powder to take every day so they, themselves could reap the many nutritional benefits.

These two people one of whom also holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, were very forward thinking nutritional consultants and learned about superfoods over ten years ago. The early scientific nutrition research was coming in, and it validated observations they had made concerning wild sourced superfoods.

That observation was that the best superfoods were those that remained as close to the form they were produced by nature in the wild.  Their company, Wellness Origin offered Spa treatments, and state of the art health treatments including the sale of vitamins and proven supplements. But they did not originally intend to sell their personal favorite, a wild superfood powder made from the best ingredients.

Many of these ingredients such as Eleuthero Root, Peppermint, Blue-Green Algae and Nettle Seeds had been used for thousands of years and their efficacy was unquestioned. In fact, NASA experimented with blue-green algae as a possible food source for future astronauts.

Over time, clients would ask questions about superfoods and the nutritionists at Wellness Origin would have first-hand knowledge and experience because they were already taking them in a wild superfood powder and experiencing their benefits.

People would ask the nutritionists at Wellness Origin the secrets of their youthful and healthy vitality. It wasn’t long before their clients began clamoring for the organic superfood powder.

Wellness Origin Superfood Complete is the result of our clients wanting to use the very same easy-to-use, powerful combination of superfoods and antioxidants that were consumed by the professional staff Wellness Origin. It became very popular because clients knew it would be of the highest quality since it wasn’t originally created for a mass market, but solely for the benefit of the nutritionists themselves based upon their experience in nutrition science.

Wellness Origin Superfood Complete is comprised of ingredients from several different continents. No corners were cut, or compromises made in its production because if you wanted a supplement for yourself, wouldn’t you want the very best and most productive ingredients in it?

Today, many people enjoy and benefit from the original blend of highest quality, wild sourced ingredients found in Wellness Origin Superfood powder. It remains the favorite healthy food offered at their organic food store much to the delight of the two founders of Wellness Origin because it helps them achieve their goals of educating people about nutrition and ensuring they are consuming high quality and valuable superfoods.

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