Fulvic Acid Focus

All organ systems, muscles, bones, and tissues are supported with Fulvic Acids. Fulvic Acid Focus provides our bodies with minerals absent in soil due to its high nutritional content. Fulvic Acid Focus reduces the toxic load in the body by supplying the body with free radicles.


Fulvic Acid Focus (8 oz)

Fulvic Acid Focus has been received as a key element in health according to 21st century health and science specialists. It is a powerful organic electrolyte, and it maintains homeostasis in the body. The acid maintains a balanced cell environment by resotring cells to normal chemical balance, giving ultimate vitality to the cell. Minerals and metals are also dissolved by the acid, as Fulvic Acid turns them into absorbable bio-available forms.

A Dietary Supplement


It is recommended to take a minimum of 1oz. (30ml) 3x per day with a large glass of non-chlorinated water or fruit juice. For other needs up to 3oz. (90ml) 3x per day or as directed by your health care professional.


Fulvic acid support the vitality of the entire body, including all organ systems, muscles, tissues and bones. The formula is extremely high in nutritional content, providing our bodies with the minerals absent in the soils where a majority of modern food is cultivated. Fulvic Acid Focus is rich in free radicals which reduce the toxic load in the body.

Detail Descriptions/Fine Print

In addition to its wide range of nutrient uptake capabilities, Fulvic Acid increases the activity of enzymes in the body. This allows for more efficient bodily processes and maintenance of a balanced state of each of the organ systems.

Our land today is not fertile enough to contain fulvic acid, and ideally we should have fulvic acid in our food supply and not have to take it through supplementation. However, lack of fulvic acid in our diets has led to underconsumption of nutrients needed for vitality and proper health. By supplementing these nutrients with Fulvic Acid Focus, the body can truly have the food it needs for health.

Research around the world has proven the extreme benefits of Fulvic Acid Focus in health. With over 70 chelated minerals in the formula, Fulvic Acid Focus supports a variety of health conditions and overall body maintenance.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure these specific diseases.

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