Fiber Purify Focus

Fiber Purify Focus is a mixture of wildcrafted and organic ingredients for supporting healthy fiber intake and intestinal cleansing regularly. Adding our fiber blend to your daily diet promotes bowel health, weight management, and overall well-being.


Fiber Purify Focus (8 Ounces)

A standard modern diet often lacks adequate amounts of fiber. Without the proper amount of fiber your body needs, waste cannot move through the system properly, resulting in stagnation and symptoms of lack of energy, low mood, poor bowel movement, and weight gain.

Fiber Purify Focus acts as a sweeping mechanism in the digestive tract. It sweeps up unwanted waste and assists the body to carry it out through the intestinal tract. Adding Fiber Purify Focus to your daily diet provides proper fiber intake for optimal well-being and a healthy, happy gut!

Dietary Supplement


Directions for use: Consume ½ to 1 teaspoon, 1 to 3 times per day. Add this amount with 8oz of fruit juice. Shake the mixture until it is all mixed with the powder and enjoy. After your beverage, we recommend another 8 oz of drinking water.

Notice of possible laxative effect: This product is a natural bulk and fiber formula. Read and follow directions carefully. It may have a laxative effect. Do not use if you have abdominal pain and consult your physician immediately.


Healthy bowel movement, Digestive system health, Weight management, Promotes healthy blood sugar, Supports Overall Well-being.


Psyllium seeds and husks (Plantago Ovato), Flax Seeds* (Linum Usitatissimum), Apple fruit pectin, Pharmaceutical grade Bentonite clay, Slippery Elm inner bark** (Ulmus Rubra), Marshmellow root* (Althaea Officinalis), Peppermint leaf* (Mentha Piperita), and Activated charcoal.

*Certified Organic   **Wild Crafted

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