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How to Use Wild Superfood Complete and Rejuvenating Royal Tea in Your Daily Wellness Routine

There are many beautiful techniques you can incorporate into your Wellness routine for making health conscious eating a wonderful part of your daily life. Our food can be artfully prepared for desired taste and appearance without altering their authentic nature.

Our Wild Superfood Complete is a vitamin and mineral based solution to nourish the body functions, reduce total body odor, and give a mental boost to last all day. Many people drink it to replace their morning cup of coffee, but it can also be mixed with water, juice, or coconut water. This can act as a meal replacement or meal additive. 

Wellness Origin’s Rejuvenating Royal Tea is a calming tea that gives the energizing effects of caffeine without the jitters coffee can sometimes give. This tea also supports the liver, digestive system, and detoxes the body of malicious microorganisms. This tea can be made hot or iced, so it is perfect for all seasons. 

Through incorporating our products alongside or into your daily hydration, smoothies, salads and dishes, you can continue to build your Wellbeing. You can also collaborate with friends and loved ones to share the joys of a healthy lifestyle together. Contact our support team if there is anything specifically you would like to learn a recipe for. For more information about health conscious eating and Wellness Tips from our Wellness Origin team, visit our Blog.