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Facial Menu: 6 Beauty Enhancing Facials | Wellness Origin

organic spa facial

Learn about our Facial Menu

At Wellness Origin, it is our mission to assist you in bringing your beauty, health, and fitness to the next level! In this video, we are sharing our facial menu: 6 of our beauty enhancing facials we offer at our brick and mortar location. Our Organic Day Spa & Wellness Center is located in Carmel, IN, and serves the Indianapolis community and the surrounding areas.

If you are ready for the most radiant, gorgeous skin you have ever had, book an appointment for a Wellness Origin luxury organic spa facial. Our facials use the highest quality organic fruits and herbs for bringing out the beautiful glow in your skin! You will also relax in the tranquility of our organic spa, and be assisted by outstanding customer service for the ultimate pampering experience! Learn about microdermabrasion facial, custom facial, and more from Claudia Varga, our Marketing Director and Singer/Songwriter from Indianapolis, in the facial menu video above!

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You can also learn more about skin care here on our blog, with our post on internal skin care! More topics are also included on nutrition and well-being.

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Tips for Shopping for Organic Supplements Online

The best organic supplements online

Not all supplements are made the same. The ingredients in the supplement play a significant role in the effectiveness of the supplement, the dosage, how safe the supplement is with specific dosages, and more. Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying organic supplements online.

Learning How to Shop for Organic Supplements Online

Tip One: Make sure to view a complete image of the bottle. You want to be able to see the ingredients listed, any warnings, if the supplement has any seals of approval such as certified organic, wildcrafted, gluten free, dairy free, or grain free, and recommended dosage. This way, you can compare different supplements and determine which supplement would best fit into your routine and support your needs. The ingredient list is critical. If the complete ingredient list is not listed, try to avoid taking that supplement.

Tip Two: Look for Organic ingredients. The fewer fillers a supplement has, the more effective it becomes. When a supplement contains high-quality organic ingredients, you are feeding your body with the most potent form of nutrition. With organic supplements, you may see results faster, and results will be sustainable. When a supplement is filled with extra fillers, it could cause damage in the long run. Ingredients such as Magnesium stearate can potentially block the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract over time. It may cause a biofilm to form in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to digestive issues over time. Magnesium stearate is misleading to many because of the word magnesium. It does not contain a nutritious form of magnesium; it is only to make the manufacturing process easier. Titanium dioxide is another ingredient to avoid. It is often used as a pigment and is linked to many health complications if taken regularly. It does not provide any health or therapeutic benefits, so it does not belong in your diet. Organic supplements are meant to help you in the long run, so finding organic supplements online with organic ingredients is very important.

Tip Three: Do your research. Different supplements are used for various health concerns, so it is essential to find the right supplement for you. It is also necessary to find a supplement that will not interact with any other medications you may be taking. Organic supplements can be very beneficial, but it is essential to know what supplements and dosages will react to your existing healthcare routine. At Wellness Origin, we have a team of healthcare specialists that will speak with you about your individual needs and health conditions. They can help you formulate a plan to help you better your health and beauty. Wellness Origin Supplements can help you on your journey to your best self.

Tip Four:  Look for scientific evidence to back up supplement claims. If a supplement brand is claiming miracle results in a short amount of time, it may be too good to be true. Many times, supplements need some time to work so you can see results. The organic supplements work to clear out any toxicity, blockages, and help nourish body functions so they can work efficiently and correctly. These factors take some time before you see them working. This process is usually better for your long-term health. Supplements that work quickly may have harmful synthetic ingredients that are not sustainable in the long run. Wellness Origin’s supplements and organic superfood contain organic ingredients that have been used as ancient medicine for thousands of years all around the world. Our supplements come from the best organic ingredients for sustainable and healthy results.

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Organic Superfood Powder Ingredients

Plant based superfoods Wellness Origin

Wild Superfood Complete is one of our foundational products in our online organic food store, featuring over 70 plants, herbs, and fruits. The ingredients in this organic superfood powder are wildcrafted, meaning they are of the highest quality, so your body is getting the full spectrum nutrition it needs to thrive and stay healthy. We broke down Wild Superfood Complete’s top ingredients so you can better understand what this organic superfood powder is made of and how each element contributes to your overall health. Wellness Origin compiled a list of the top organic supplement ingredients in this formula.

Learn about the ingredients in our Organic Superfood Powder

The first Ingredient listed in Wild Superfood Complete is Moringa Oleifera. Moringa Oleifera comes from a tree that is primarily grown in India. The entire tree is used for herbal medicines and treatments that stem back hundreds of years. The Moringa Oleifera used in Wild Superfood Complete comes from the leaves of the tree. The leaves contain the highest content of vitamins and minerals. The leaves are often used in nutrition programs around the world. Moringa Oleifera also works as an antioxidant, primarily protecting the cells from damage.

Nette Leaf is the second ingredient listed in Wild Superfood Complete. Nettle Leaf has been used for centuries in many different countries. It is used for food and often drank in herbal teas. Nettle Leaf is mostly used for joint pain, antioxidant properties to remove free radicals from the body, and promotes heart health.

The third ingredient in Wild Superfood Complete is Yacon. Yacon is a plant grown in South America. It is mostly grown for its roots and had been eaten as a vegetable for centuries. Benefits of Yacon include blood sugar support, weight management, blood pressure support, liver health, digestive health, and immune health.

Borage Leaf is mostly grown in the Mediterranean area but has spread to North America and Europe. This herb has been used for centuries for its healing and medicinal benefits. Some benefits of this herbal leaf include blood pressure support, cholesterol support, support for the immune system, aids the body in allergy relief, and much more. Borage contains the highest known plant source of Omega-6 Fatty Acid. It is also a source of trace minerals and B-Vitamins.

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used for healing for over two thousand years. It is primarily used for thyroid health, immune system health, anxiety and stress relief, and helps the body maintain homeostasis.  Ashwagandha is commonly called winter cherry and is grown for its roots and leaves, which hold much of the nutritional value of the herb.

This ingredient is also beneficial to many of the systems of the body including the reproductive, neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. Ashwagandha has been used for around five thousand years to help keep the body in balance. We love that this is one of the more powerful ingredients in this organic superfood powder formula.

Codonopsis is an herb grown for its roots. The root of Codonopsis is known to stimulate the nervous system, providing the body with many health benefits. This herb helps the body provide immune health, treat loss of appetite and weakness, supports heart health, lung health, and blood health.

Drink Wild Superfood Complete for Your Health and Beauty

There are so many more beneficial organic supplement ingredients in this organic superfood blend with fantastic benefits. This superfood powder also includes the ingredients hyssop, parsley root, alfalfa, white oak bark, and a seven mushroom blend. We encourage you to try out this amazing vitamin powder to find out what benefits it can provide for you.

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Awesome Organic Supplements for Energy and Mood

Organic supplements online beauty foods

Organic Supplements are used to help our bodies with functionalities that may need help. Often, we find ourselves tired and worn out after a long week, so we find ways to make up our lost energy with caffeine, sleep, or exercise. These may work at the time, but often, we lack long-lasting sources of energy. In order to create sustained energy and mood, we need a stable source of energy and brain functioning. Wellness Origin has compiled a list of the best organic supplements for energy and mood. All of Wellness Origin’s Supplements are natural and do not contain any fillers.

Cinnamon Oil Focus amplifies energy, concentration, and mood through aromatherapy. The cinnamon in this oil is derived from the cinnamon tree, which is commonly grown in Indonesia. Cinnamon oil can also be used to support gut health and functioning, and also reduces candida growth, resulting in weight management.

Immune Focus supports the vitality and proper functioning of the immune system. A robust immune system is more efficient at fighting off pathogens, thereby fighting infections and sickness. A healthy and maintained immune system results in increased energy, mood, and proper functioning of every organ system in the body. This supplement contains hyssop, which helps with muscle pain, improves circulation, supports healthy immune response, and much more.

Passion Flower Extract is from the passion flower plant, which can be grown in the southern United States and Central America. This supplement is excellent for relaxation and rejuvenation, but in contrast is also great for energy and improving mood. Passion Flower Extract increases levels of GABA, a chemical in the brain. Low levels of GABA related to menopause include low mood and energy, hot flashes, and feelings of anxiety or stress. This passion flower supplement has high levels of beneficial alkaloids, anti-bacterial compounds, cyanogenic glycosides to help with steady blood pressure, and glycosides.

Vitamin C Focus is beneficial for the entire body, inside and out. The vitamin c in this supplement, which comes from orange peels, supports the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. This increased production of neurotransmitters results in increased mood and energy. This supplement is beneficial for more than energy and mood, it also improves the strength and appearance of the hair, skin, and nails, boosts immunity, and supports the cardiovascular system by protecting it against free radicals. The ascorbic acid in this supplement reduces the effect of pollution in the body, which keeps the blood supply of toxicity.

Wild Superfood Complete is Wellness Origin’s best-selling vitamin powder and is our favorite organic supplement for mood. This supplement contains over 70 ingredients to create the optimal supplement for energy and mood. The ingredients in this supplement maximize mental stamina and physical energy, nourish all body functions, and deodorize and cleanse the gastrointestinal system to reduce total body odor.

Superfoods List Wellness Origin Organic Food

Finding a sustainable source of energy and mood improvement through organic plant-based supplements is possible. There are several great sources for organic supplements online.  At Wellness Origin, we offer a great variety of time-tested, resource-rich organic supplements for energy and mood.  Wellness Origin has wellness consultants available to find the proper supplement combination and routine for you. We recommend checking with one of our healthcare professionals if you have any specific health concerns you would like addressed.

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Properly Hydrate with Purifying Sulfate Minerals

Your organic food store

Water makes up about 60% of our bodies, making hydration essential to our health. Some of our favorite ways to hydrate throughout the day include drinking tea, eating some organic vegetable soup, and of course drinking a lot of purified water with Purifying Sulfate Minerals. We love to add a little bit of fresh lemon juice to our water to aid in reducing inflammation, detoxification, and other benefits.

We also love using and recommending products such as Hyaluronic Acid Focus, which is efficient in retaining water in the body. As a result, Hyaluronic Acid keeps our skin hydrated and fresh! In order for Hyaluronic Acid Focus to work correctly, and to keep our body functioning normally, we need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Many times, the sources from which we obtain our water contaminate the water with harsh chemicals and other impurities. These sources range from tap water to some bottled waters. This is where Purifying Sulfate Minerals comes in!

What are Purifying Sulfate Minerals?

Purifying Sulfate Minerals restructures the water to remove any impurities. Just adding one teaspoon of this supplement to 1 gallon of water will provide you with a completely clean source of water. With regular use, Purifying Sulfate Minerals cleanses the body of impurities found in tap water.

This supplement is sulfur based. Sulfur is an essential nutrient for our bodies, helping to maintain the health of our organ systems. Adding Sulfur back into your diet provides your body with increased energy production, and the building blocks for hair, skin, nails, cartilage, and joints. Purifying Sulfate Minerals has a sweet and plain taste despite being sulfur based.

Learn More!

Check out the video below to learn more about this supplement. What is your favorite way to stay hydrated? Let us know by Tweeting us, commenting below, or Messaging us!

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Supplement Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Organic store Wellness Origin

At Wellness Origin, we are all about becoming your Best Self, eating organically, and supplements. Almost all of our products are some form of a dietary supplement and come in a lot of different forms. Some supplements are liquid and mix with water, some are capsules, and some are powder and mix with food or drink. But, what exactly is a supplement? Why do we need supplements if we eat raw and organic food?

Why do we Need Supplements?

Wellness Origin’s supplements are made with high-quality ingredients by combining nature’s most nutritious herbs and plants into our products. Our supplements are packed with essential nutrients to help your body reach new levels of health and beauty. Even when we eat raw and organic food, our bodies are still lacking some of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need because the soil in which our food grows does not have the amount of nutrients our bodies need, so we need an outside source.

What is in a Supplement?

Imagine a plate full of leafy green vegetables and bright fruits, and squeeze that into a capsule. That is what is inside our supplement capsules. Our supplements are made of foods you could eat in a salad, but in a concentrated form so you get those essential nutrients and vitamins. Our supplements are always, always, always made without any kind of filler or chemical because we want you to reach your full health potential.

Here are some examples of whole foods in our products: Our Vitamin C Focus has hawthorn berry, rose hips, parsley root, and orange peel. Listed ingredients in our Digestive Bitters Focus are aloe vera, cumin, and dandelion root. All of these ingredients can be found in nature and eaten in a salad. As a resource for whole food and superfood supplementation, Wellness Origin strives to offer products that are completely natural and good for you.

Want to learn more about our products? Check out why 2018 is the year for collagen or 8 secrets to eating healthy with a busy schedule.

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Say Goodbye to Brain Fog

Organic superfood supplement

Sometimes even with the proper amount of nutrition in our diet, we still get brain fog. With our busy lives, we don’t have time to think about where we left the keys or struggle to stay focused on a simple task. Here are some of our tips for kicking brain fog to the curb.

What is brain fog?

Brain Fog is defined by WebMD as “a term used for certain symptoms that affect your ability to think. You may feel confused or disorganized or find it hard to focus and put your thoughts into words.”

What is the culprit?

Food additives such as artificial sweeteners, foods that contain MSGs, and processed foods can be to blame. Lifestyle factors such as not getting enough sleep, not getting good quality sleep, stress, anxiety, and not getting enough nutrients can also come into play.

People who have some short-term memory loss such as not being able to find the right word when describing something, having trouble finding your wallet, or having a hard time concentrating could all benefit from a few lifestyle changes to eliminate brain fog. When your mind is clear and alert, it will be so much easier to remember things and stay productive.

How to say goodbye to brain fog.

If you are a productive and mentally clear person who is just experiencing an off-day or a person who frequently finds themselves in a daze, there are several things you can do for relief.

Diffuse essential oils. We love diffusing peppermint or grapefruit essential oils. Breathing in the aroma of these essential oils will stimulate and energize the brain, helping you to stay productive. Breathe deeply for best results.

Get some extra sleep. Hitting the hay early or even treating yourself to sleeping in can be really effective for improving your mental clarity. Though sometimes, we still wake up tired and groggy after getting some extra sleep. This could be from low quality sleep. Whether it’s waking up a lot during the night or staying in a light sleep all night, quality of sleep can be improved with diffusing lavender essential oil while you’re lying in bed and keeping a strict sleep schedule. Try to not eat a heavy meal too close to bedtime and avoid caffeine later in the afternoon.

Supply your body with the proper amount of nutrients. Foods that are high in antioxidants like blueberries and raw cacao can really improve mental clarity. A lot of the time, we don’t get enough nutrients from the food we eat, so all organic, plant-based supplements are the way to go. Wellness Origin’s Black Walnut Extract and Digestive Cleansing Clay help to detox and nourish the body. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin E such as avocados are also effective for keeping the brain healthy and alert.

With these tips, you’ll be back to your fully-productive self again soon!

Find out why 2018 is all about collagen and how you can gain the many benefits of this amazing protein with our blog post.

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2018 is the Year for Collagen

Organic health products wellness origin

2018 is all about collagen.

This protein is the foundation of our hair, skin, and nails. It is the connective tissue for almost all of our structures and it is the most abundant protein in the body. We would recommend it to pretty much anyone who is looking to maximize their beauty and overall wellbeing. As more and more people are turning to healthier lifestyles, collagen is starting to get people’s attention in 2018.


First, let’s get into some of the benefits. Here’s why you should be taking collagen everyday:

Strengthens, thickens, and improves the quality of your hair, skin, and nails – even more efficiently than biotin can!

Increases your energy levels and keeps them up throughout the day. You’ll be less likely to feel sluggish and tired at 3pm.

Increases the moisture levels in the skin. You’ll notice the diminishing of wrinkles, smoother skin, and a glowing complexion.

Aids in weight loss. Regular consumption suppresses your appetite, which means less eating when you’re bored.

There are so many brands to choose from. The negative side of this is most of these brands have a lot of fillers in their products. Wellness Origin’s collagen is sourced from Argentinian and Brazilian beef, which is the number one beef in the world! This beef is pasture raised and is injection and grain-free. So, no fillers and only the highest quality ingredients make it into our supplements (yes, all of our supplements!)

Incorporate Collagen into Your Daily Routine

There are so many different ways to consume collagen. Here are a few of our favorites:

In your morning coffee. When mixed with coffee, collagen is pretty much tasteless. Easy to drink and doesn’t mess with your morning routine!

Mixed into a smoothie. Add in some protein, fruit, greens, whatever you like. Mixing collagen into your regular smoothie won’t mess with the texture or taste. Just add it in with your other supplements.

Dissolved into hot or warm water. This is a great way to just drink it and be done when you have a busy day. We like to add it in with our tea or warm lemon water for some taste.

Adding collagen to your daily routine could be the best thing for your wellbeing in 2018. You can buy our All Organic Collagen on our online health food store (we ship anywhere in the US), or by visiting us in Carmel, Indiana.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Massage

Organic Food Store Wellness Origin Relax

Massages are best known for their relaxation benefits. Most people feel very refreshed and energized after a massage, but do not go on a regular basis. Regular massages have more benefits than just relaxation. Many people find that they are feeling better both physically and emotionally after several massages. First, let’s quickly mention the two most popular types of massages we have at Wellness Origin. The Swedish Massage is a light to medium touch to relax the muscles and stimulate the flow of energy for a relaxing experience. The Deep Tissue Massage Involves deeper pressure to release the muscles and reduce stress and tension buildup.

Benefits to Massages

Some of the biggest improvements people will see after completing several sessions of massages are:

  • Pain management
  • Stress relief
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety relief
  • Improved mood
  • Better posture

The winter months are a time where many people find themselves getting sick more frequently. Massages promote blood flow throughout the body, therefore boosting the functions of the organs, and making it easier for your body to fight off infection. If you still want an extra immunity boost to stay healthy in the winter, check out our Vitamin C Focus. Our wellness consultants love this supplement in the winter because it is composed of rose hips, hawthorn berry, orange peel, parsley root, and more to help you stay healthy, energized, and productive.

Long-Term Effects of Massage

After a regular and consistent routine of getting massages, and your body functions are improving due to better circulation, you will really start to feel the benefits. Stopping after one massage will help improve blood flow and body functioning for the time being. Regular massages will keep the blood flowing consistently throughout your body. The improved blood flow will also help with managing and maintaining a healthy blood pressure, and faster healing to any wounds or injuries to the body.

Regular massages are amazing for people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Better blood flow and blood pressure in the body releases tension in the head. This will help make your headaches become less severe or eliminate them completely. If you have a job that has you sitting in the office all day, regular massages will benefit you. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is not good for the body, and massages can help the body recover from sitting all day.

Massages promote relaxation both mentally and in the body. This helps with stress management and better sleep. When your body and mind are relaxed, it is easier for people to fall asleep and stay asleep. Therefore, this will help with productivity at work, help keep your mood up, and keep you energized throughout the day.

Staying healthy is important, especially when the weather gets cold. Adding massages to your regular health routine is an easy, but important step. Our amazing massage therapist, Nathan, can help you target your problem areas and get you relief quickly. You can book an appointment with him on our website.

Check out our blog post on Magnesium! It’s the supplement that everyone can benefit from.

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Live a Healthier Life With Magnesium

Benefits of Superfoods Wellness Origin Food

Magnesium is one of the most underutilized but necessary nutrient that our bodies need. It is one of the leading nutrient deficiencies in adults. About 80% of adults are deficient in this mineral.  The best way to get the recommended amount is to eat foods rich in magnesium, or consider taking supplements.

Why are so many adults deficient in magnesium?

The soil that most of our plants are grown from are not as rich in minerals as they used to be. This is caused by soil depletion. Without the proper amount of magnesium in our food, most adults have no way of getting the nutrients they need to thrive. Some antibiotics affect the way minerals are absorbed into the body, another reason for such a high deficiency rate in adults. Our bodies do not need as much magnesium as other minerals, but we must keep it stored in our body to prevent deficiency problems.

The best way to get minerals into your body.

Eating whole foods is the best way to eat your minerals. This is because essential minerals can be lost during refinement and processing. These are foods that are known to be rich in magnesium:

  • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale
  • Nuts
  • Beans, peas, soybeans
  • Whole grain cereals or bread
  • Cooked quinoa
  • Salmon
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Dark chocolate containing cacao

Wellness Origin carries an in-house brand of supplements. When you get the proper nutrition in your body, you will notice a difference in how you feel and the health of your body. These are some of the amazing benefits that you will start to notice:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Promotion of lower stress and anxiety levels
  • Better heart health
  • Healthier bone formation
  • A healthy metabolism
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • More energy throughout the day
  • Cellular reproduction

With magnesium deficiency being one of the leading types of mineral deficiencies in adults, it can often go undiagnosed because people believe they are tired or stressed from work or personal reasons. Eating a magnesium-rich diet or taking a magnesium supplement will help you feel your best.