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The Best Superfoods for Women

Superfoods for Women Welllness Origin

Superfoods deliver the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to thrive. These powerful foods deliver the trace minerals needed to provide a wide range of health benefits, natural antioxidants, and whole food nutrition your body needs. They are also one of our top beauty secrets for bringing your beauty to new levels. Women can use superfoods to stay healthy and nourished during different stages of life. Organic superfoods support strong and healthy bones, support the immune system, support the health and look of the skin, provide a natural energy boost, and support weight management. Here are some of our favorite organic food tips, featuring a list of the best organic superfoods for women.

Organic Superfoods Top Recommendations


Salmon is one of the best types of fish you can eat for nutrition. It is full of omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation, support healthy cholesterol levels, improve circulation, and supports health at the cellular level. Salmon is also a great source of lean protein, B vitamins, and vitamin D, making it one of the best superfoods for women. Benefits of salmon include heart health, improved mood, brain health, joint health, supports natural energy boost, and eye health. It is recommended to eat salmon a few times a week to get maximum benefits and nutrients.

Black Beans

Most beans are great for your health, but black beans are one of the beans that are considered an organic superfood. Black beans are full of calcium, magnesium, natural antioxidants, vitamins, iron, about half of the daily recommended amount of fiber for women, and a healthy amount of zinc and copper. Benefits of black beans include bone health, a healthy blood pressure, healthy blood sugar levels, supports healthy digestion, and supports weight management. Black beans are an easy additive to soups, salads, and more.


Avocados provide many amazing nutrients for women. Avocados contain many heart healthy fats, which support the functioning and health of the cardiovascular system. These fats also promote a healthy cholesterol level, and help us feel full and satisfied, which prevents overeating or eating when bored. Avocados are also a great source of potassium, magnesium, fiber, folate, and vitamin B6, vitamin K, and vitamin E. Heart health, eye health, joint health, natural antioxidants, brain health, and cellular health are some of the benefits avocados and monounsaturated fats can benefit women.

Wild Superfood Complete

Wild Superfood Complete is our vitamin superfoods powder featuring organic living superfoods. Over 70 herbs, plants, and fruits make up this organic superfoods powder. It is a perfect addition to your daily routine by adding to your morning glass of purified water, organic fruit juice, or smoothie. Wild Superfood Complete promotes the nourishment of all body functions to bring you better mental clarity, a reduction in overall body odor, and better overall wellbeing. This organic superfoods powder is essential for your daily dose of full-spectrum nutrition as all 70 ingredients are organic and wildcrafted, giving you the highest possible quality product.


Dark, leafy greens are amazing superfoods for women. Kale specifically contains the most nutrients and fits into the superfood category the best. The natural antioxidants in kale help the body to protect the eyes, cells, and skin from aging. Kale is also a rich source of vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin C. Other dark leafy greens that are amazing for your health include collard greens, spinach, and broccoli.

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Battling Fatigue with Organic Supplements

Best organic supplements and superfoods

Many people have turned to organic supplements for fatigue. Organic supplements offer a balanced and consistent form of energy that is hard to find elsewhere. Many types of supplements claim to eliminate fatigue, so Wellness Origin compiled a list of organic supplements for battling fatigue. Wellness Origin’s supplements are always all natural and do not contain any fillers. All of the ingredients in our supplements are found in nature.

Organic Sulfur Focus

Organic Sulfur Focus

Organic Sulfur Focus is one of the best organic supplements for energy and overall well being into your daily diet. Sulfur is a vital building block to cartilage, joints, hair, skin, and nails, and methyl groups. It provides your body with natural energy to fight fatigue. Methyl groups support many biochemical processes in the body, the most important being energy production. We are meant to get sulfur from the foods we eat since our bodies do not make or store sulfur. The modern soil is depleted of many nutrients, so incorporating sulfur into your diet is becoming more difficult. This is where Wellness Origin’s Organic Sulfur Focus comes in.

Magnesium Oil Focus

Magnesium Oil Focus

Magnesium Oil Focus aids the body with energy production, cellular reproduction, healthy cholesterol levels, bone formation, heart health, reduced muscle tension, and lower stress and anxiety levels. Magnesium is an amazing organic supplement for fatigue. Magnesium is one of the most prominent minerals in the body. It impacts almost all organ functions. With proper daily organ function, energy levels will naturally rise. The benefit to feeding your body with high-quality magnesium is it helps our bodies refine and upgrade organ and muscle functioning. Low-quality magnesium may not be as efficient as high-quality magnesium in nourishing the body and providing full spectrum minerals and vitamins.

Wild Superfood Complete

Wild Superfood Complete is our go-to supplement for everything from beauty to digestion to energy. It is one of the best organic supplements for mental clarity and one of the best organic supplements for energy. Wild Superfood Complete has over 70 plant-based ingredients to help you stay sharp mentally and keep up your physical energy. The ingredients in this supplement have the energizing effects of caffeine but without any of the unwanted side effects from coffee such as the jitters, trouble sleeping, or a crash at the end of the day. The energy you get from Wild Superfood Complete maximizes mental stamina and physical energy throughout the day. Incorporating this supplement into your daily routine is easy. It can replace your morning cup of coffee or be used as an afternoon pick me up to avoid the 2-3pm fatigue.

Rejuvenating Royal Tea

Rejuvenating Royal Tea is one of our organic supplements for mental clarity and energy. The yerba mate ingredient in this tea is the main ingredient because of its natural caffeine properties. The type of natural energy given by yerba mate is similar to the energy provided by Wild Superfood Complete. It is balanced throughout the day to avoid the mid-afternoon crash and doesn’t come with the negative side effects coffee often has. Yerba mate contains over 20 minerals and vitamins along with many antioxidants that provides a natural mental stimulating and physically energizing effect to optimize nutrition intake and nutrition levels. This tea can replace your morning or afternoon cup of coffee. It can be consumed hot or cold and made in a variety of ways that fit your routine.