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Best Ingredients in Organic Supplements Online | Wellness Origin

BioSugar Regulator Wellness Origin

When buying organic supplements online, you should always look at the label to see the ingredients. You should always be sure to do your research when purchasing organic supplements online! When reading, sometimes you see some crazy words that you may not recognize. I want to walk you through some of our best organic vitamins and supplements that we offer at Wellness Origin. Not only am I going to do that, but I am also going to break down some of these words that might look like gibberish to you. We strive to be the best place to buy quality vitamins online!

Product & Ingredient Breakdown of Best Organic Vitamins

Bio Sugar Regulator

Bio Sugar Regulator aids in the process of helping the body be its sugar regulator. It does this by stabilizing the blood sugar levels in the body. When your sugar levels are out of balance, it causes your blood glucose to fluctuate. One of the organic ingredients that are in our Bio Sugar Regulator is Borage. Borage is a bright blue, star-shaped flower.

It is also known as the bee plant, due to it being a major attraction for the bees. The history of borage dates back 1,500 years. It was used for medicinal and culinary uses. It helps to alleviate pain and other inflammation symptoms and aids in the healing of skin conditions.

Cardiovascular and Nerve Focus

Our Cardiovascular and Nerve Focus one of our most phenomenal organic supplements online. This organic supplement supports the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It has a significant impact on the overall wellbeing of your body. Our Cardiovascular and Nerve Focus also supports the increase of the blood and oxygen levels to the heart. It does this by promoting the dilation of the arteries.

One active ingredient in this product is Brahmi. Brahmi is a plant that is useful for medicinal purposes. It is known to sharpen the brain. It also aids in anxiety and insomnia.

From Organic Supplements Online to Our Detox Bath Clays

Ultra Pull Detox Clay

Ultra Pull Detox Clay is a blend of clay and calcium bentonite. The body can accumulate environmental pollutants, metals, and harmful materials. The outcome can cause an adverse effect on the body’s processes. Ultra Pull Detox Clay aids the body by detoxifying it and pulling out the harmful toxins.

I mentioned calcium bentonite, and I want to break down that specific ingredient to you. Bentonite by itself is one of the worlds most effective healing clays. Calcium bentonite contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, and other amazing minerals.

These are just a few active organic ingredients in our amazing organic supplements online.  We also offer organic vitamins online! We want you to have access to the best organic supplements online, but we want you also to have the knowledge to know what you are feeding your mind and body! Be sure always to do your research when buying any organic supplements or organic vitamins online!

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Superfood Recipes for Weight Management | Wellness Origin

Wellness Origin Superfoods List

In today’s topic, learn more about superfood recipes we specifically recommend for those focusing on a leaner physique while staying healthy and energized! You will also see “Key Learning Points” throughout the topic, to guide you to learning important knowledge on weight management.

KEY LEARNING POINT: Eating a highly plant based diet promotes a healthy and fit body.


Before we dive into a few superfood recipes, it is necessary to recognize the importance of staying hydrated towards keeping your body slim. Picture the mass of a human body, and see that the entire body needs water throughout it. Often we think we are hydrated when the body needs even more water!

KEY LEARNING POINT: The majority of our body is water, so it is vital to support all of your body’s functions with the amount of water you need daily.

We recommend starting the day with 24 oz of water to kick-start your system. Throughout the day, stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle with you. The consistent hydration method is the best way to figure how much water you truly need. When you are thirsty, drink from your bottle. When you take a break, drink your water. Before meals, drink water. Total how much water you drink each day based on how many times you refill your water bottle. Signs of proper hydration include high energy and focus, good mood, consistent bowel movements, and overall satiety.

Superfood Salad

First on our superfoods list is a superfood salad. Salads are fantastic because you can have so many combinations that you will always have the ability to rotate what you are eating. We recommend salads for lunch and dinner especially, and you can enjoy a salad in the morning for breakfast if needed. You can also have a portion of a salad as a snack. A Superfood Salad means combining a variety of superfoods into one salad.

Examples from Your Superfoods List

An example of ingredients to combine includes fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, raw cheese, raw organic, and sprouted nuts or seeds and more. You could combine peppers, avocado, raw cheese, mushrooms, and asparagus into a lunch Superfood Salad. For a dinner salad, you could enjoy radish, Brussel sprouts, leafy greens, cucumbers, raw organic sprouted wild rice and raw cheese. You may enjoy plant based salads for as many meals as you like, though you do not need to eat superfood salads for every meal.

Juice and Smoothies

Next on our superfoods list are juices and smoothies. Both foods are hydrating and provide amazing nutrition for the body. Juices are great because they are pure liquid if you desire a break from solid foods for a snack or meal.

KEY LEARNING POINT: Remember, the more mass you eat, the more mass is in your body, and this contributes to your overall body size at any given moment! We recommend eating equal portions of your meals on a daily basis, and maintaining a healthy digestive system with frequent, balanced bowel movements.

Smoothies are blended, so they naturally have a fibrous bulk to them, making smoothies excellent for providing a denser meal for the body. Smoothies assist with bowl management due to their consistency.

KEY LEARNING POINT: Wellness Origin recommends adding our superfood powder Wild Superfood Complete to your next smoothie, as it provides over 70 ingredients for complete nutrition. Getting your essential nutrition in your meals every day will help you feel energized and satisfied, which is also a significant component in staying slim!

Learn More Superfood Recipes

In our posts on Superfood Meal Plan: 1 Day of Meals and Superfood Recipes for Breakfast, we have provided you with several resources for foods you can enjoy which promote overall wellbeing.

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Unbiased Organic Superfood Powder Reviews You Can Trust | Wellness Origin

Superfood Smoothies Wellness Origin

I was hooked when I saw the name Wild Superfood Complete.

It was perfectly descriptive. ‘Wild’ meant the ingredients were from the wild. They weren’t chemicals created by a corporate conglomerate. They are natural ingredients wild sourced from nature, the way it was intended to be created and consumed.

Organic Superfood Powder Reviews for Daily Nutrition

‘Superfood’ showed that the product contained the superfoods I have read so much about in today’s latest nutrition news. It is just common sense that some foods are healthier than others. I love eating cotton candy and marshmallows, but when reading about healthy foods, I never see them being mentioned as a positive source of nutrition.  Superfoods are nutrient dense with many benefits and few if any disadvantages. Read more to learn about one of our organic superfood powder reviews.

‘Complete’ told me the product contains a full spectrum of healthy superfoods, not just one or two. In fact, Wild Superfood complete contains over 70 healthy, organic and or wild-sourced ingredients. It is like having a huge table of superfoods all together for you to try. It is a smorgasbord of superfoods. It is like having a butler who ran through the entire fresh fruit and vegetable stands at an organic farmers market, collected and organized the best superfoods and then condensed them into an easy to consume organic superfoods powder.  I love the convenience!

I can add a tablespoon of Wild Superfood Complete to smoothies and turn them into  superfood smoothies! A few sprinkles of it on top of my fresh fruit parfait transform it into the optimally nutritious food Nasa feeds the astronauts. In fact, Wild Superfood Complete contains Spirulina a superfood originally studied by NASA for astronaut nutrition on long- distance space missions!

It is hard for one person to be objective. I’m a person who appreciates both scientific data and personal experience.  The efficacy of superfoods are well known and established. But is important to realize that they are one important part of a healthy diet.

Eating superfoods will not alleviate the unhealthy disadvantages of a poor diet.  I cannot live on cotton candy and marshmallows and expect their negative effects to be counteracted by a few top superfoods.

But I do know that since changing my diet, using Wellness Origin’s Wild Superfood Complete and going to the gym, I have lost 24 pounds in a 3-month period, and I feel healthier. That is an undeniable fact that can stand up to the greatest skepticism science has to offer. How much of these positive changes are directly attributable to the powder, if any, is hard to determine. But I do not care. I just LOVE the results.

I am not a nutritional scientist. I am not a chemist, and I am not omniscient. But I do know, in my opinion, based upon my personal experience that I believe Wellness Origin’s Wild Superfood Complete has had a positive effect on my health and attitude about what is possible when someone changes their diet, adds superfoods and exercises.