Ultra Pull Detox Clay

Ultra Pull Detox Clay

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Ultra Pull Detox Clay (25 oz)


Ultra Pull Detox Clay features the potent clay blend of calcium bentonite. The clay helps detoxify the body of environmental pollutants, metals and harmful materials that have accumulated and negatively affect the body’s processes at a fast rate compared to similar detoxification mixtures. 


For use as detox bath, foot baths, mud packs, slurries, etc. Not for internal consumption.  


The clay serves as a powerful remover of toxins, through its ability to expand when mixed with water, thereby absorbing any materials which are harmful to the body. It further supports the digestive and nervous systems, and use of the clay for the allotted period of time results in a calming, energizing effect on the body.  


Calcium bentonite is a mixture of calcium, magnesium and sodium, among other minerals. Bentonite itself is known as one of the most effective healing clays in the world. It originates from volcanic ash, thereby containing a variety of earthen nutrients. The clay absorbs toxins, helping to alkalize the body and clear the blood stream of unusable, harmful materials. 

Though primarily useful for removing toxins from the body, the clay’s potency in supporting the digestive system shows through relieving gas, bowel discomfort or other digestive issues such as food poisoning.  

The clay further assists in speeding the process of pain reduction and healing of muscles or any wounds throughout the body. The multi-faceted uses of calcium bentonite also include deodorant, facial mask, digestive aid, colon cleanser and acne aid.

Proprietary Detoxifying Herbal Blend 

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