Humic Concentrate Focus

Humic Concentrate Focus

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Humic Concentrate Focus - (3.3FL oz)


Humic Concentrate Focus is a complete, organic source of essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids.  

Providing the body with the minerals and nutrients it needs is essential to maintaining health. Humic acid supplementation both provides the body with nutrients unavailable in modern diets and helps the body to uptake nutrients from your foods.  


Add 1 to 2 full droppers to 8 oz. of spring water before meals, 3 times daily.  

This supplement can be taken as 1 dropper under the tongue as often as you like as well – hold for 4 minutes under the tongue while the tongue is touching the soft part of roof of mouth, then swallow.


Humic Acid is a mix of a variety of carbon-rich minerals. This acid occurs naturally in soils, liquid mineral concentrations on plants and water sediments. The acid functions by helping the body uptake nutrients. It increases the permeability of cells, which allows nutrients to be given to the body in their bio-available forms. Extracting the nutrients from foods is why humans eat. Assisting in this process makes humic acid a very valuable assistant with developing and maintaining a healthy diet.  


Certified Organic Humic Acid 12% Concentrate 

Additional Information 

Humic Acid interacts with over 50 elements in the periodic table, especially nutrients, toxic materials and halogens. In farming practices, the acid fertilizes the soil, affecting the water holding capacity of the soil – this shows how the acid has the effects of flooding our bodies with nutrients and the ability to uptake nutrients more effectively. 


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