Digestive Cleansing Clay

Digestive Cleansing Clay

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Digestive Cleansing Clay (120 caps)

Now In Capsules Instead of Powder


Clay has been used globally for beauty enhancement, healing, metal and chemical removal and adding minerals to the body. The Digestive Cleansing Clay formula is a clay used for the removal of toxins and support of health internally.


A Dietary Supplement



Take 4 to 8 capsules, 2 to 3 times per day.   


High level usage

Take 12 to 16 capsules, 2 to 3 times per day.


Generally take this supplement on an empty stomach. Can be taken with food and/or supplements.



Digestive Cleansing Clay, 100% naturally occurring clay from a deposit near Crater Lake Oregon.

(No added fillers, binders, or other excipients.)


Additional Information

The clay was produced geologically within a few miles of Crater Lake, Oregon, with the influence of an underground aquifer, providing its rich content of minerals capable of removing toxins from the body. Ingesting the clay with IntestaPurge 03 provides maximum benefit in elimination and support of the digestive system.


Caution: This Clay has the potential of drawing out pharmaceutical meds if taken within 1-2 hours before or after. Consult with your Health Care Provider. If withdrawal side effects are noticed, extend the time between taking meds or discontinue taking the clay internally. In most cases, external use is less likely to present this challenge is used 1-2 hours apart.


The clay’s magnetic properties bind toxins into the clay, allowing the clay to pull toxins out of the blood stream, digestive tract and throughout the body. In providing the body with the ability to remove toxins, Digestive Cleansing Clay promotes greater mental clarity, focus ability, increased mood and weight management.



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