Our Wellness Origin Core Products are the foundational products in the Wellness Origin line. Our co-founders chose these products to represent the foundation of our line for their amazing nutritional properties and versatility of benefits for our bodies.  The Core Products consist of products aiding in everything from Beautification to Immune Support to Weight Management. Product spotlights include: Cellular Energy Focus is a beautifying product which contains 100% water-soluble minerals. This fact means the minerals in the product absorb entirely in the digestive tract, so you can utilize all of the nutrition you are receiving when you consume this superfood! Magnesium Oil Focus is fantastic for relaxing and nourishing the muscles and giving vitality to all of the cells in the body. It can aid with everything from lowering stress to increasing energy to reducing muscle tension. Wild Superfood Complete is our full spectrum vitamin powder which has a wide variety of benefits to nourish the overall wellbeing of your entire body.

  • Cellular Energy Focus supplements our bodies with full spectrum minerals our modern diets are lacking, increasing energy, performance and endurance. This supplement improves energy, performance and endurance. Mood, concentration, and overall well-being are also affected.  Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals. Contains no other added ingredients. This product contains naturally occurring elements contained in sea water.
  • This Digestive Cleansing Clay formula is used to support health internally and aid in the removal of toxins. Clay has been used all around the world for metal and chemical removal, adding minerals to the body, healing, and beauty enhancement.
  • Feed your body with nutrients to help provide you with the look and feel of beauty. Humate Beauty Essentials will help you clear your system of negative stresses and increase energy levels through the elimination of toxins. With continued use, the skin will look and feel soft and clear. This product must be paired with a detox clay. The Soothing Quartz Detox Clay works best with the Humate Beauty Essentials.
  • Magnesium gives vitality to every cell in the body by supplementing your body with full spectrum minerals. Magnesium Oil has the capabilities to aid in cellular reproduction, energy production, bone formation, healthy cholesterol levels, heart health, lower stress levels, and reduced muscle tension.
  • Organic Silica Focus contains Orthosilicic acid, which is a form of silica that is required in the body for the absorption and transportation of minerals. This powder formula dissolves in water with no taste or texture. The body's overall wellbeing is supported with Organic Silica Focus, promoting radiancy and full body health.  
  • Sulfur is a vital building block for cartilage, hair, nails, and skin, and joints. Organic Sulfur Focus also promotes energy production. This formula promotes the overall wellbeing of the body to help you feel more energized and beautiful from the inside out.
  • Purifying Sulfate Minerals is a liquid supplement which helps remove impurities from the water and our bodies. Impure drinking water brings harsh chemicals and toxins into the body's water content. Since the body mostly consists of water, this is a great health and beauty tool to incorporate into your routine.
  • Rejuvenating Royal Tea is an invigorating blend of plants, fruits, and minerals for optimizing energy, mental clarity, overall mood, well being and more. Drink the true elements of nature as a soothing, satisfying beverage throughout your day. Enjoy Rejuvenating Royal Tea with a spoon of raw honey or as is.
  • Soothing Quartz Detox Clay is used for its beautifying, relaxing and detoxifying benefits, including Nourishing the skin, Relaxing the muscles and Detoxifying the tissues. This beautiful clay is ideal for a home Spa evening - it can be added to normal bath water of any temperature.
  • Wild Superfood Complete is the optimal vitamin and mineral based powdered supplement for your dose of daily, full spectrum nutrition. Beauty and health benefits of Wild Superfood Complete include: Alkalizing the body, Cleansing and Deodorizing the gastrointestinal system, thereby reducing total body odor, Nourishing all body functions including the immune, digestive, circulatory, bone/muscular/structural, nervous & hormonal systems of the body, Maximizing mental stamina and physical energy.