Wellness Origin strives to offer you the best organic supplements on the market. All of our supplements are made with high-quality ingredients and contain absolutely no fillers or chemicals. We believe that you can become your best self with proper supplementation. Becoming your best self means you feel energized, revitalized, healthy, beautiful, relaxed, and rejuvenated every day with our supplements. Our products are whole food supplementation, herbs, organic superfoods, unrefined salts, detox clay, and lifestyle tools. We hope you can find the solution to your problem and more through our supplements. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are dedicated to helping our customers find the right products for their lifestyles. To search for products by category, click on the “products” link at the top of the page. To learn more in-depth information about some of our favorite products, click on the “blog” link at the top of the page. Happy shopping!

  • ATP Focus Extract directly supplies your body with energy by increasing cellular energy production. Your physical and mental capabilities along with your body functions are more effective with an extra supply of energy. You will notice a difference in your ability to concentrate, sustained physical energy levels, and increased proactivity.
  • BioSugar Regulator maintains balanced blood sugar levels by providing the body with natural homeostasis for proper full body functioning. Focus, energy and metabolism are three of the major positive effects of balancing blood sugar. With the nutrition provided in the formula, the body has what it needs to steady its own energy levels, develop a proper metabolism, and manage weight for your specific body type. With the proper building blocks the body can make what it needs to manage its own health requirements.
  • Black Walnut Extract cleanses the entire body by cleansing the blood stream. A cleaner blood stream will result in a better physical state and better mental clarity throughout the day. The body absorbs nutrients quicker and more effectively with a clean blood stream, providing the body with better long-term health solutions.
  • Blood and Liver Cleansing Focus removes toxins in the body by detoxifying the blood stream and liver. These vital components of the body are supported to maintain radiant health.
  • To maintain the body's vitality and state of being, the cardiovascular and nervous systems have to be healthy. Cardiovascular and Nerve Focus supports these systems of the body. With proper supplementation, you will notice decreased stress levels, increased oxygen capacity in the body, and longevity in your health regime. The body will have a healthy blood pressure if the liver is clean, adrenals are functioning at normal production levels, and kidneys are healthy.
  • Cellular Energy Focus supplements our bodies with full spectrum minerals our modern diets are lacking, increasing energy, performance and endurance. This supplement improves energy, performance and endurance. Mood, concentration, and overall well-being are also affected.  Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals. Contains no other added ingredients. This product contains naturally occurring elements contained in sea water.
  • Cinnamon Oil is a natural digestion aid. It helps the digestion system break down and extract nutrients from food. Cinnamon oil promotes lesser storage of fatty acids in the body by increasing blood sugar metabolism. This oil has amazing mood increasing abilities, which promotes better focus and energy throughout the day.
  • Clove Essential Oil can be used for a wide variety of treatments due to it's warming properties. Clove Oil is known to help relieve stomach issues, help the body fight infection, lower stress levels, and boost immunity. This soothing oil is also used in cooking, aiding with the body's overall health, and certain massages.
  • Build a powerful digestive system that will provide a wide variety of wellness benefits with this potent blend of herbs and spices. Our Digestive Bitters Focus helps your body produce thousands of digestive enzymes and bile. Digestive Bitters Focus helps the body support the blood, kidneys, and liver.
  • This Digestive Cleansing Clay formula is used to support health internally and aid in the removal of toxins. Clay has been used all around the world for metal and chemical removal, adding minerals to the body, healing, and beauty enhancement.
  • Frankincense Oil has been used in aromatherapy and cosmetic purposes for hundreds of years. Frankincense Focus is a great addition to your wellness and beauty practices because of its versatility and scent. This essential oil's main benefits are digestion support and relief from stomach issues.
  • All organ systems, muscles, bones, and tissues are supported with Fulvic Acids. Fulvic Acid Focus provides our bodies with minerals absent in soil due to its high nutritional content. Fulvic Acid Focus reduces the toxic load in the body by supplying the body with free radicles.
  • Grapefruit essential oil is derived from the Citrus paradisi grapefruit plant. Citruses such as grapefruit are high in antioxidants, making grapefruit essential oil an effective immune booster. Regular use of Grapefruit Essential Oil results in appetite reduction, detoxification, and mental clarity.
  • Feed your body with nutrients to help provide you with the look and feel of beauty. Humate Beauty Essentials will help you clear your system of negative stresses and increase energy levels through the elimination of toxins. With continued use, the skin will look and feel soft and clear. This product must be paired with a detox clay. The Soothing Quartz Detox Clay works best with the Humate Beauty Essentials.
  • Humic Fulvic Concentrate Focus is a complete, organic source of essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Humic Fulvic Concentrate Focus is rich in amino acids and minerals to support the vitality of the organ systems, muscles, bones, tissues, and overall wellbeing. 
  • The vitality of the entire body, including muscles, bones, tissues, and organ systems are supported with Humic and Fulvic Acids. Humid Fulvic Focus's high nutritional content provides our bodies with full spectrum nutrition, and elements not found in modern soil.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Capsules Living Form, Non-Synthetic, Dietary Supplement Powerful food for the body's need for raw ingredients to rebuild it's own collagen and elastin and cartilage. Anti-WRINKLE, anti-aging, wonder nutrient.
  • Hyssop Essential Oil has amazing calming properties that provide relief from anxiety and support a healthy blood pressure. When Hyssop essential oil is used in aromatherapy, it can promote healthy digestive and respiratory systems.
  • Support the vitality and proper functioning of the immune system with this formula. Immune Focus supports better mood, overall functioning of every organ in the body, and increased energy.
  • IntestaPurge O3 is a gentle and fast acting oxygen cleanse that works overnight for most people. This unique combination gently softens unwanted buildup in the digestive tract while providing beneficial oxygen to the digestive system.