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Highest Quality Organic Supplements Online

Highest Quality Supplements Wellness Origin

Wellness Origin provides high-quality organic supplements online. In our organic food store, we offer organic superfood, herbs, unrefined salts, detox clays, wellness resources, healthy lifestyle tools, and much more. Wellness Origin supplements are always made with the highest quality ingredients and never contain any filler or harmful ingredients – we provide you with organic living superfoods. Our goal is to bring you to your optimal health and well-being by combining modern science and timeless health principles. We believe that our bodies can achieve incredible levels of flexibility, physical energy, overall wellbeing, and mental stamina when given the proper nourishment and resources. With the high-quality supplementation Wellness Origin has to offer, you can discover higher levels of balanced energy throughout the day, stronger and healthier hair, skin, and nails, improved mood, mental clarity, and weight management. Wellness Origin has a team of wellness consultants that can help you reach your health goals. They can offer suggestions as to which organic supplements to take and the correct dosage for your needs. Here are some of Wellness Origin’s best selling highest quality organic supplements online.

Wild Superfood Complete

Wild Superfood Complete is an organic superfood powder to add to your daily nutrition. This formula is composed of over 70 plants, herbs, and fruits to help nourish almost all of the systems in the body. This organic superfood powder is beneficial to the gastrointestinal system, the immune, digestive, bone, structural, muscular, circulatory, nervous, and hormonal systems of the body.

This product is designed to replace your morning or afternoon cup of coffee while still giving you the energy boost you need to last all day. This vitamin powder can be mixed in with water, juice, and a smoothie. With continued use, you can notice some fantastic benefits such as an improvement in mood, increase in balanced energy throughout the day without the caffeine crash that usually comes with coffee, and an increase in mental clarity and focus.

Organic Supplements: Vitamin C Focus

Vitamin C Focus is the perfect supplementation to your daily nutrition. This organic supplement comes from some of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. Maqui berry, acerola cherry, and rose hips are some of the powerful ingredients that make up this amazing supplement. These three ingredients make up the ascorbic acid that is in this supplement. Ascorbic acid is excellent for supporting the health of the immune system; it helps the body create more high-quality collagen, which supports the health and growth of the hair, skin, nails, bone, and connective tissue in our bodies. Ascorbic acid is also useful in aiding the body with the removal of pollution and toxicity in the body. This product is amazing not only for the cold and flu season but continued health and vibrancy all year.

Rejuvenating Royal Tea

Rejuvenating Royal Tea is a delicious blend of minerals, plants, and fruits. These ingredients work together to provide mental clarity, increased mood and energy, an increase in wellbeing, and more. This supplement combines the energizing effects of caffeine, the holistic health benefits of an herbal tea, and the satisfaction of a delicious beverage with the holistic and raw elements of nature. With regular use, this soothing tea will nourish the digestive system, stimulate the body’s nerves and senses, and relaxes the mind while providing relief from stress. This product is delicious hot or cold, can be sweetened with some raw organic honey, and can be made in several different ways convenient to your lifestyle.

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Using Organic Supplements for Hair Growth Tips

Online organic food store wellness origin

Growing out your hair can feel like a long and tedious process. With the right supplements, foods, and encouragement, you can get to your desired length quickly while also improving the look and overall health of your hair. Here are some of our most used hair growth tips for growing long, healthy hair.

1. Develop a plan or routine for your organic supplements.

Some supplements, like Vitamin C Focus, work with Organic Collagen Focus to build the more high-quality protein that hair needs to grow faster and healthier. It will also be beneficial to schedule the time of day you will be taking which supplement. Be sure to check each supplement’s instructions for best use.

Some of our favorite organic supplements for hair growth include:

Organic Collagen Focus Provides your body with the most abundant protein in the body to support the thickening and health of the hair, skin, and nails, boost hydration and resilience in the body, and works as an appetite suppressant to work towards weight management.

Vitamin C Focus helps our bodies produce more collagen. This increase in collagen levels helps to strengthen the hair, skin, nails, muscles, and connective tissues. The added benefits of taking Vitamin C Focus on a regular basis include an immune boost, increase in mood, supports the body with anti-inflammation, helps the body balance its blood pressure, and support the cardiovascular system.

Organic Plant Silica Focus dramatically increases the quality of the hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, connective tissues, joints, and blood vessels. Silica is a crucial nutrient in maintaining and growing healthy hair. Liquid silica keeps the health of the keratin that makes up hair and nails. Liquid Silica is derived from the horsetail plant, an essential oil plant native to wet areas in the northern hemisphere.

Organic Sulfur Focus is an essential building block for nails, hair, skin, and joints. Since our bodies do not make or store sulfur, it is necessary to supplement our diets with the recommended amount of sulfur to improve the quality of our hair. We recommend properly hydrating your body so the sulfur can maximize its potential.

2. Stay consistent with treatment.

Supplements take some time to see visible results but are more sustainable compared to typical hair growth treatments. Organic Supplements work from the inside out to provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow long, healthy hair. As an added benefit, Wellness Origin’s supplements are not specifically targeted to only work with hair growth; they provide nutrients that benefit all organ systems of your body.

3. Eat foods that compliment hair growth.

Dark, leafy greens such as spinach and kale have the nutrients to make your hair shiny and healthy. Foods with a high mineral content such as citrus fruits (limes and lemons), nuts (almonds and walnuts), whole grains, carrots, and fatty fish (salmon) have the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients needed to boost hair growth and health.

4. Track Progress for encouragement.

Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch a month. Half an inch per month may seem like a lot, but it can still feel like a long time to grow your hair out to your desired length. Tracking your progress every month or every other month can help you visually see the progress your hair has made. After a few months, you may be able to see the improvement of the supplements, and nutrient-rich foods have made on your hair.

5. Increase circulation.

Boosting circulation has many benefits for the body. Boosting circulation in the scalp will encourage hair growth and improve hair quality. Increased blood flow to targeted parts of the body with help it heal faster and improve health. Some boosting circulation foods include organic coffee, ginger, cayenne pepper, and raw cacao.

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Organic Supplements for Energy and Focus

ATP Focus Wellness Origin

Morning routines are essential. Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day.  Many times, our mornings are rushed and hectic, leaving us feeling rushed, unfocused, and drained. To keep energy levels high and keep our minds focused and calm, we need to find a morning routine catered to increasing our energy levels, focus, and productivity specific to us.

Making the bed can help set the tone for your day by giving you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. We start and end our days in bed so when it is clean and tidy; it helps us get through the day. Making the bed encourages general tidiness around the house, leads to better productivity by creating a “keystone habit,” which creates a chain of more good decisions throughout the day, and lowers stress and anxiety.

Start your day the best way.

Taking organic supplements for energy and focus in the morning helps our bodies to work efficiently, encourages better organ functioning, and overall well being throughout the day. Natural supplements give our bodies the help they need. Whether we need better concentration, help to digest food, or help with our skin care, there is a supplement to assist our bodies with specific functions better. We start off our day with some of these four essential organic supplements:

ATP Focus increases and maintains energy levels throughout the day. The ATP combined with Fulvic Acid in this formula provides direct energy to the body by increasing cellular energy production, making it one of the best organic supplements for energy. Fulvic Acid alone is an organic electrolyte, providing full spectrum minerals to the body, maintaining homeostasis in the body, and maximizing nutrition and energy potential throughout the day.

Cellular Energy Focus dissolves entirely into your water. Starting your day with Cellular Energy Focus increases your energy, performance, mood, concentration, endurance, and overall well being. This product has a 100% absorption rate in the walls of the intestinal tract. If your body can not absorb the nutrients you are feeding it; they can not support your body. This supplement helps you add full spectrum minerals back into your body, which our modern diets are often lacking, as they are many times not found in the soil where our food is grown.

Rejuvenating Royal Tea is another one of our favorite organic supplements for energy. It is a blend of fruits, plants, and minerals. Often we replace our cup of coffee in the morning with this energizing tea. One glass of this tea encourages mental clarity, energy, focus, and mood. It is also a great replacement for a cup of coffee!

Rejuvenating Royal Tea

Wild Superfood Complete Is Wellness Origin’s best-selling vitamin powder. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, so your body is filled with full spectrum nutrition. This product has a wide range of benefits. Some of our favorite benefits include increased energy, concentration, focus, and mental stamina. This product contains over 70 ingredients to get a variety of vitamins and nutrients in the body, making it one of the essential organic supplements for energy and focus, and more.

Other Ideas to Start the Day.

Starting your morning with a meditation session can positively affect the rest of your day. It wakes up your nervous system, encourages you to be more mindful, sets a positive emotion to the day, and helps your mind to better focus throughout the day. There are many apps for phones designed to help you get the most out of your meditation sessions. Alternatively, meditating on your own can be just as relaxing and rejuvenating.

Focusing and catering your morning routine to be specific to your needs can make a difference in how you function throughout the day. When we have more energy and focus through using natural supplements, we can be more productive in our daily work and lives. We encourage you to try some of these tips and supplements to find the right balance for you.