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How to Use Cellular Energy Focus and Fulvic Acid Focus in Your Daily Wellness Routine

There are many beautiful techniques you can incorporate into your Wellness routine for making health conscious eating a wonderful part of your daily life. Our food can be artfully prepared for desired taste and appearance without altering their authentic nature.

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Our Cellular Energy Focus contains the full spectrum minerals our diet is lacking. Adding the recommended number of drops into a smoothie, some fruit juice, or water is a great way to take this supplement. We recommend this supplement to athletes because it helps to increase endurance, performance, and concentration. The Cellular Energy Focus is also known to improve energy levels throughout the day and balance mood. This product contains naturally occurring elements contained in sea water. There are no other added ingredients.

Wellness Origin’s Fulvic Acid Focus is another great supplement to get the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins out of your diet. This supplement supports the vitality of the tissues, bones, muscles, and organ systems by increasing the activity of enzymes in the body. Fulvic Acid Focus restores cells to a normal chemical balance, keeping a balanced cell environment in the body. This supplement also dissolves minerals and metals and turns them into absorbable bio-available forms. Fulvic Acid Focus is an easy supplement to add to your daily routine. Just add the recommended amount into non-chlorinated fruit juice or water.

Through incorporating our products alongside or into your daily hydration, smoothies, salads and dishes, you can continue to build your Wellbeing. You can also collaborate with friends and loved ones to share the joys of a healthy lifestyle together. Contact our support team if there is anything specifically you would like to learn a recipe for. For more information about health conscious eating and Wellness Tips from our Wellness Origin team, visit our Blog. 

Wellness Origin is a brick-and-mortar store located in Carmel, Indiana. We have a team of massage therapists, aestheticians, CNCs, and more to help you live you healthiest and happiest life.