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Superfood Powder Benefits | Wellness Origin

Superfood Powder Wellness Origin Top Superfoods

Wild Superfood Complete is our Wellness Origin full spectrum vitamin powder for amazing nutrition. We include over 70 ingredients in our formula for maximizing your health and wellbeing. If we were to make for you a superfoods list of the best superfoods to eat on a daily basis, many of these would be in our discussion, making it an excellent addition to living a healthy lifestyle daily. In today’s topic, learn about the superfood powder benefits to adding Wild Superfood Complete to your daily lifestyle.

Benefits of Our Superfood Powder to Daily Productivity

Wild Superfood Complete assists you in becoming your Best Self on a daily basis, through a wide range of ingredients in the formula which help you to maintain amazing energy and endurance during your day. If you have felt sluggish, lazy or fatigued doing your daily activities, Wild Superfood Complete can be a great addition to your lifestyle for uplifting your performance. Ingredients such as Yacon, Ashwagandha, and Eleuthero Root among many others in our formula are going to help you to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

Your ability to have mental stamina is also one our superfood powder benefits. Thinking and focusing throughout your day can be maximized by the ingredients in our vitamin powder and the benefits of the formula towards your overall health.

Benefits to Happiness

When your body is healthy, you feel better. The top superfoods known to our modern civilization are included in this formula, such as Suma Root, Blue Green Algae, Ho Shou Wu and many more. Through providing your body with a diet rich in full spectrum nutrition, you are helping to improve your entire wellbeing. Full spectrum nutrition simply means providing yourself with the over 70 plant based minerals required for optimal health. Your mood and overall wellbeing are very much connected, as when you are keeping yourself highly energized and thereby productive, you begin to enjoy more happiness!

Wild Superfood Complete has many superfood powder benefits which other similar products on the market do not possess, as our vitamin powder has such an extensive variety of ingredients which are truly the highest quality and have amazing benefits to your health. Our formula helps to support the vitality of all of the organs and organ systems in the body. Examples of regions of the body which our product assists includes the immune, digestive, circulatory, bone/muscular/structural, nervous & hormonal systems of the body.

The ingredients in our formula provide for full spectrum nutrition, which thereby promotes the wellbeing of your entire body! Imagine a lifestyle where you incorporate full spectrum nutrition into every meal – this is what Wild Superfood Complete can add to your lifestyle. We recommend eating a diet rich in the top superfoods such as blueberries, avocado, mushrooms, leafy greens and more to complement our superfood powder.

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Organic Superfood Powder Reviews and What to Expect | Wellness Origin

Superfood Smoothies Real Organic Food

Our superfood powder Wild Superfood Complete is quickly becoming one of our most loved products for every day use by our clients. This is due to a variety of reasons, stemming from the amazing benefits of our superfood powder! For today’s organic superfood powder reviews update, I’ll be sharing my own experiences with the product in my daily life as well as some expectations for you to experience when you incorporate Wild Superfood Complete into your lifestyle!

When I drink Wild Superfood Complete, I can tell that I am consuming real organic food. This product contains some of the best superfoods to eat on the market today. I really enjoy going over the ingredients in Wild Superfood Complete, so I will share them with you all. There are over 70 plant based, organic and biodynamic ingredients in our formula. Some of my personal favorites include the following: Moringa Oleifera is amazing for its wide range of nutrients, such as Vitamin A and B6. It is also an antioxidant powerhouse and it promotes anti-inflammation. Rose Hips is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Nettle Leaf promotes having a healthy heart, and it is very high in antioxidants!

Other ingredients in this formula include Parsley Root, Peppermint, a Mushroom Blend consisting of Reishi, Cordyceps and more, Schizandra Berry and much more.

Enjoy Real Organic Food Every Day

When I start my day, I usually drink 24 ounces of water to kick start my energy and hydration. I wait about 20 minutes before I eat any food. If I need an uplifting beverage, Wild Superfood Complete is one of my go to drinks. I like to bring it to work with me and sip it throughout the morning hours. If you bring it in a stylish cup, it is even more fun to enjoy throughout the early part of the day. I consider myself a tough cookie when it comes to nutrition, and I am very disciplined, so I enjoy to drink it straight in a glass of water.

Other suggestions for enjoying Wild Superfood Complete in a morning beverage include organic superfood smoothies – you can choose which fruits and veggies you’d like in your superfood smoothies, then just add WSC and you are good to go! You can also add you favorite nut butter or protein powder, or raw organic powders such as Maca Root or Cacao for added flavor.

Another suggestion I have for you is to drink a cup of Wild Superfood Complete in just water, then enjoy a bite of raw organic chocolate. The combination of earthy greens followed by luscious, luxurious cacao is always a delicious and savory experience.

I also enjoy to have Wild Superfood Complete in the mid or late afternoon. It is perfect instead of a cup of coffee or other stimulants. This is another time when I enjoy to have raw organic chocolate with my Wild Superfood Complete for a perfect afternoon snack. It is also great with a meal or just by itself!

What You Can Expect from Our Vitamin Powder

By drinking Wild Superfood Complete, you should expect to enjoy the benefits of the product: Wild Superfood Complete improves energy levels throughout the day. It helps you to maintain wonderful energy during your daily activities. It is also beneficial for mental stamina throughout your daily work and life. I feel like I am better able to focus and stay productive and sharp when I have my Organic Superfoods Powder daily. Additional benefits of this product include alkalizing the body, keeping the gastrointestinal system clean and reducing body odor, and nourishing all body functions. This improves the wellbeing of systems including the immune, digestive, circulatory, bone/muscular/structural, nervous and hormonal systems of the body. It is great for overall vitality and health!

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Unbiased Organic Superfood Powder Reviews You Can Trust | Wellness Origin

Superfood Smoothies Wellness Origin

I was hooked when I saw the name Wild Superfood Complete.

It was perfectly descriptive. ‘Wild’ meant the ingredients were from the wild. They weren’t chemicals created by a corporate conglomerate. They are natural ingredients wild sourced from nature, the way it was intended to be created and consumed.

Organic Superfood Powder Reviews for Daily Nutrition

‘Superfood’ showed that the product contained the superfoods I have read so much about in today’s latest nutrition news. It is just common sense that some foods are healthier than others. I love eating cotton candy and marshmallows, but when reading about healthy foods, I never see them being mentioned as a positive source of nutrition.  Superfoods are nutrient dense with many benefits and few if any disadvantages. Read more to learn about one of our organic superfood powder reviews.

‘Complete’ told me the product contains a full spectrum of healthy superfoods, not just one or two. In fact, Wild Superfood complete contains over 70 healthy, organic and or wild-sourced ingredients. It is like having a huge table of superfoods all together for you to try. It is a smorgasbord of superfoods. It is like having a butler who ran through the entire fresh fruit and vegetable stands at an organic farmers market, collected and organized the best superfoods and then condensed them into an easy to consume organic superfoods powder.  I love the convenience!

I can add a tablespoon of Wild Superfood Complete to smoothies and turn them into  superfood smoothies! A few sprinkles of it on top of my fresh fruit parfait transform it into the optimally nutritious food Nasa feeds the astronauts. In fact, Wild Superfood Complete contains Spirulina a superfood originally studied by NASA for astronaut nutrition on long- distance space missions!

It is hard for one person to be objective. I’m a person who appreciates both scientific data and personal experience.  The efficacy of superfoods are well known and established. But is important to realize that they are one important part of a healthy diet.

Eating superfoods will not alleviate the unhealthy disadvantages of a poor diet.  I cannot live on cotton candy and marshmallows and expect their negative effects to be counteracted by a few top superfoods.

But I do know that since changing my diet, using Wellness Origin’s Wild Superfood Complete and going to the gym, I have lost 24 pounds in a 3-month period, and I feel healthier. That is an undeniable fact that can stand up to the greatest skepticism science has to offer. How much of these positive changes are directly attributable to the powder, if any, is hard to determine. But I do not care. I just LOVE the results.

I am not a nutritional scientist. I am not a chemist, and I am not omniscient. But I do know, in my opinion, based upon my personal experience that I believe Wellness Origin’s Wild Superfood Complete has had a positive effect on my health and attitude about what is possible when someone changes their diet, adds superfoods and exercises.

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Superfood Supplements Benefits for Health and Beauty | Wellness Origin

Superfood Supplements Benefits

What are superfood supplements?

Superfood Supplements are a dietary supplement taken in capsule or powder form. The powder form is easy to incorporate into a smoothie, organic fruit juice, or water. Superfood supplements are a great way to get all of your daily essential vitamins and nutrients. Even with a healthy diet, modern soil can sometimes lack the nutrients to grow foods with enough vitamins and minerals. Superfood supplements are a great and effective way to get the extra full spectrum nutrition you need daily.

What to look for in organic superfood supplements:

Ingredients list

The ingredients list should contain essential and highly nutritious plants, herbs, and fruits. Be sure that the ingredients in the supplement have a full range of nutrition and do not contain any fillers. The wider variety of plants, fruits, and herbs in your supplement, the better nutrition you will be feeding your body.

Organically grown ingredients

Look for the certified organic or certified wildcrafted logos to ensure you are getting a quality product. Organic ingredients have been minimally processed and grown without harmful chemicals to develop a more nutritious plant. Organically grown plants, herbs, and fruits have a higher concentration of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients compared to non-organic herbs, plants, and fruits.

How the ingredients were processed

Ground or freeze-dried ingredients in your superfoods powder is the best way to get your full spectrum nutrition. Ingredients are often damaged when treated with heat. High temperatures can damage the nutritional and enzyme benefits you would get from your organic superfood supplement. The less processed the ingredients, the more top quality supplement.

How do superfood supplements benefit you?

Superfood supplements can provide countless benefits to a variety of different people. Eating dark and leafy greens benefits almost all organ systems in the body, and supplements are an easy way to get your recommended five servings of vegetables daily for full spectrum nutrition. Benefits you may notice while regularly consuming organic superfoods are increased energy and focus, nourishment of almost all body functions, digestion health, cleansing of the gastrointestinal system, a reduction in total body odor, and improved mental stamina.

Wild Superfood Complete

Wild Superfood Complete is Wellness Origin’s very own organic superfood supplement. It is made up of over 70 plants, fruits, and herbs for full spectrum nutrition. Our organic superfood supplement does not contain any filler ingredients, and all of the 70 ingredients have been minimally processed, are certified organic and wildcrafted, and serve your body with full spectrum nutrition. Benefits of the real nutrition found in Wild Superfood Complete includes nourishing all organ functions including the hormonal, bone, nervous, structural, muscular, nervous, digestive, circulatory, and immune systems. Alkalizing the body, deodorizing and cleansing the gastrointestinal system, which results in a reduction of total body odor, increasing mental stamina and physical energy. The recommended daily amount can vary depending on various health needs, but our staff recommends one tablespoon in eight to ten ounces of purified spring water. We recommend drinking this two or more times per day to get maximum benefits.

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Plant Based Superfoods for Vibrant Health | Wellness Origin

Natural beauty Wellness Origin Love

It is a common misconception that the only useful source of protein comes from animal products. Vegetarians can get excellent sources of protein from plant based superfoods. Plant-based protein is better for our bodies because they are easier to digest and provide better nutrition. Organic superfoods are very nutrient dense foods that help the body’s immune system, weight management, help with digestion, and more. These plant based superfoods give the body enough protein, vitamins, and nutrients to nourish the body.

Plant Based Superfoods for Your Daily Nutrition!

Blue-Green Algae

Blue-Green Algae is a group of plant-like organisms found in salt-water and some vast freshwater lakes. They are a source of fiber, plant-based protein, iron, and B vitamins. Benefits of blue-green algae include weight management, relief of anxiety and depression, and fatigue. This organic superfood is a complete source of protein compared to soy or beef. This helps your body produce more energy and improve brain function.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids. They are the only grain-based source where you can get all seven of your omega-3 essential fatty acids. Chia seeds are also a source of fiber and plant-based protein. It is best to soak chia seeds in water before eating or added to another food. These seeds absorb a lot of water, so it is essential to stay hydrated while consuming them. This organic superfood is fantastic for skin health and beauty, weight management, heart health, and overall well-being.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is created from bees in flowering plants and is another of our favorite plant based superfoods that has more protein than animal products. This superfood supports immune health, is an excellent source of antioxidants, help the body to fight inflammation, and works as stress relief. Bee pollen is easy to add to your daily nutrition, it can be taken in capsule form, or it can be added to foods such as yogurt and smoothies.

Wild Superfood Complete

Wild Superfood Complete is Wellness Origin’s best selling organic superfood powder. It is one of our favorite nutrient rich foods, composed of over 70 plants, fruits, and herbs. This organic supplement is filled with the essential nutrients you need for optimal health. This powder is easy to add to water, organic fruit juice, and smoothies. Benefits include increased energy and mental clarity, supports digestion health, nourishes all organ systems of the body, and a feeling of overall well-being. All of the ingredients in this organic superfood powder are essential to your health and benefit your whole body nutrition.


Spirulina is considered a form of blue-green algae. This is one of nature’s abundant superfoods for health which is filled with nutrients that could help your body revitalize your health. Spirulina is often found as an ingredient in green juices and smoothies, energy bars, and natural supplements. It is the highest form of protein found anywhere. This organic superfood is excellent for people looking for weight management and looking to improve their overall health.

Spirulina has been recommended to help the body detox heavy metals, specifically arsenic, reduce candida overgrowth, supports a healthy blood pressure, promotes health at the cellular level, supports healthy cholesterol, increases energy levels, and supports brain health. This organic supplement is easy to take in capsule, powder, or even whole food form.

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Fact or Faction – Organic Superfoods List Exposed

Organic Superfoods List Wellness Origin

Many people have heard about Superfoods and the many nutritional benefits they offer. But, as with much nutritional information, there are some misconceptions and conflicting ideas. This article addresses four of the most common misconceptions about Superfoods in a short quiz designed to set the record straight. Also, this article will teach you more about our organic superfoods list for your grocery cart.

Fact or Fiction: The Best Superfoods Quiz

Examine the statements below and determine if the statement is a fact or is fiction.

Question one:

Superfoods are wondrous foods for our bodies.

This is a FACT.

Superfoods are classified as such because they contain high amounts of naturally occurring vitamins, beneficial minerals and offer nutritional benefits for your body. Foods such as kale, avocado, acai berries, broccoli, mushrooms, and walnuts are considered superfoods because of their many health benefits. Pound for pound, these foods contain many more nutrients than most foods with few or no disadvantages.

Question Two:

Mainstream ‘superfoods’ are the only foods your body needs.

This is FICTION.

It is important to remember that nature has many abundant foods sources. Don’t forget about foods for your organic superfoods list like cabbage, radishes, and Brussel sprouts – many foods have beneficial nutritional content, regardless of whether they are marketed as a superfood.  One should always be wary of any claim that suggests one type of food source is all that is needed for proper nutrition. No one type of food can independently improve your health or prevent illness. People need an abundance of food sources to ensure they receive the proper amount of nutrition. Superfoods are special because they contain more nutrients than most foods while avoiding excess calories or unhealthy fats.

Question Three:

The only way to receive proper protein and healthy fats are by eating animal products.

This is FICTION.

While foods like Salmon are considered superfoods and have solid nutritional benefits, there are many plant-based superfoods that are important sources of protein and fats. These are especially significant for vegetarians who have fewer sources of healthy fats than others. Some plant-based superfoods include broccoli, mushrooms, avocado, beans and spinach. It seems Popeye was way ahead of his time. He recognized spinach as an important plant based superfood before anyone!

Question Four:

Avocados are super high in nutrition content

This is a FACT.

In the past, some nutritionists were wary of the high-fat content in avocados, but this was before Nutrition Data demonstrated there is ‘good’ dietary fat and ‘bad’ dietary fat. Not all foods high in fats are unhealthy. Avocados contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial nutrients. It is high in vitamin C, E, K, folate, magnesium, potassium, and B6. It is also a wonderful source of healthy fats.

Even the best superfoods are not a panacea. They will not make up for a steady diet of bad food choices. Having an occasional slice of avocado or a small portion of spinach will not undo the empty calories you get from eating fast food five days a week. Rather, superfoods serve as a healthy nutrient delivery system with few or no drawbacks. They tend to be natural, plant-based, and low in calories. Seek them out, indulge and enjoy them!